Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Thy Worshiper - Czarna dzika czerwień

Pagan Records
Here we have a CD that I have been holding on to for a while. Not because any lack of time, but for the reason that this album are hard to judge. Its so complex, having so many layers and influences from different genres. It takes a lot of elements from folk metal in general and mixes in some death metal to create this soundtrack for battle!!!

You can hear music from the middle east, tribal music and even some celtic stuff in this Ireland/Poland collaboration. It sounds very authentic and believable, much thanks to the fantastic female vocals from Anna Malarz. She creates an beautiful and dreadful atmosphere with her chanting and yoiks. Together with an array of instruments from around the world like the jew harp, djembe and didgeridoo.

Its like stepping into a different time, right after a big pagan battle have taken place on a foggy bloodstained meadow with the bodies laying there, penetrated by spears and axes. Feeling the calm after the battle and the warmth from the funeral pyre burning strong with an orchestra messing and dancing in the flickering flames. Thats pretty much what this album makes me feel and its a bloody good feeling. Well worth a listening or two!!!

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