Saturday, March 29, 2014

Nature's Grave - Nature's Grave

Here we have the first release from the yet unsigned american band Nature's Grave, which in my opinion needs a major release on a label soon. Why do you ask? Because the album are awesome in so many fucking ways!!!

I can't get enough of this gray smouldering masterpiece. The music are reeking with NWOBHM and creative desire together with some good ol' crust on the top. They dare to step outside the traditional laws and play what a hell they want. Take the song Baba Yaga (the best track) for example, it's basically a pure Heavy Metal song but with some screams added instead and its shitting-in-my-pants great!!!

The production is great for the purpose with a quite damp and old school sound to it, with great high pitched vocals (a girl on the vocals, holy shit!!!) and fucking great guitar melodies that commute from classical BM to HM and dirty fucking crust. Its an extremely catchy and captivating album that feels in the whole feeble body. Don't you dare to miss it!!!

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