Thursday, March 26, 2015

Katavasia - Sacrilegious Testament

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| Melodic Black Metal Greek BM with a strong pagan feeling both in the atmosphere and the melodies.

The whole album is very well played without getting into some jacking of the guitar battle. It is straight forward as a longsword but with a beautifully crafted handle. Maybe a little dull, but it can still split a skull or two. The melodies has a pagan sound to them that speaks to my primal brain with delight, together with a classic heavy metal sound, so no ear bleeding distortion Im afraid. 

The songs are laid out simple with a song structure that are easy to enjoy, even it the aftertaste leaves you kind of bland. But it is good as long as it lasts, it has some interesting pieces with flute that plays an harmonic melody in the background and guitars that almost goes to the AOR genre, ohhh, did I fucking say that?

As I said earlier is the production of the more cleaner sort with a nineties sound to it. You hear every layer on the album perfectly, the violins, ceremonial drums and words of carnation. The atmosphere on the other hand as you probably guessed it is the one that suffers from it. The album really don't say anything, its pretty forgettable, even dough I fucking like it when I listen to it, but as soon as I turn it of, it is all forgotten like a pile of ash in the wind. Something is missing simply. I hope they figure out what is missing for the next album. 

| GRADE | 74 |

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