Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snakefeast - The Pythoness

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| Jazz/Sludge Metal A original album that sets the bass in the center of it all, and says fuck off to the guitars. The result is excellent occult rhythms and tones that goes under your skin.

There is something extremely primitive with the music on the disc, so primitive that it takes us back to the time when we lived in damp caves and struck bone shaft on a stretched animal skin. It is that primal feeling they really succeed to deliver. The beats are something that sits in the back in your reptile brain, and you just know you like this as hell, even if you have never heard anything like it before.

The thing that gets the album to stand out is the total absence of guitars on the album, without you even noticing that they are missing. Using only the cello, saxophone, bass, drums and vocals mange Snakefeast to accomplish something that is completely unique to Sludge genre, even to the whole damn metal genre!!!

Making use of jazzy rhythm is a stroke of genius. The whole album has a swinging feeling that is indescribable in simple human words. The beats makes may blood boil with primordial rage and madness. The whole body start to move spastic in a trance-like state. It all feels so natural, yet hugely innovative and exploratory of a genre that has incredible treasures. Can not recommend this fucking album enough. BUY!

| GRADE | 92 |

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