Monday, November 18, 2013

REVIEW Castevet - Obsian

I must confess that I really didn't care much for this record the first times I heard it. I thought it was muddled, confusing and boring, but I can tell ya all, that its anything but fucking dull. Maybe it was the mood I were in, or a complete overload of the complexity of this album that I didn't get then. But this album bloody fuckin grows on you, big time!!! Anyhow am I delighted as hell that I finally understood this great craftsmanship of art. Its crammed with interesting ideas, guitar riffs and tempo changes that are pleasant both for the ear and mind throughout the whole record. From the beginning track "The Tower" to the last tune "The Seat of Severance" that incorporates clean vocals in a very good and moodful way and are a worthy end of this enthralling journey.


Best track: Fathomed by Beggars and Victims

Check them out here:

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