Tuesday, November 26, 2013

REVIEW For Ruin - Ater Angelus

I were a little bit sceptical if I should review this record or not, it kind of falls in the category of melodic easy listening BM (If this even is black metal, butt thats a totally different discussion, that I have no interest in debating right now!) pile. But there were something with this album that stuck with me, like the caress from a leprosy sickened man. The melodies were caught in my head, and I fucking liked the stuff I heard, even though I were a bit ashamed of it. There are really fucking good music here, the songwriting is everything you want from a melodic BM band. The weakest link on the album though is the vocals, I just don't fucking care for them, they are so bland that it could come from any swedish melodic death metal band from the nineties. But other then that, I don't really have anything to complain about, its a good album. Give it a chance if you are in the right mood for some melodic shit, and it happens to be so that I am in that mood right now!!!


Best track: Ad Astra 

Check them out here:

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