Saturday, November 23, 2013

REVIEW Bloodmoon - Voidbound

This  album is a fuckin behemoth from the far beyond!!! Its heavy as shit, and hard digested like concrete. I had a real hard time to get a grip on this album, its a quite interesting listening experience I must say. From the chanting choir in the beginning on the album that starts of the beast title track Voidbound thats really the meat of this album.There are a lot of exciting ideas here but it ebbs easy out to plain boredom after a while. And there are a little too much of the doom metal spice here for my opinion, but if thats your shit, you probably like it. To conclude it, It is a rewarding journey for the musical part of your brain if you are in the right mood for some doomsday sounding stuff.


Best track: Voidbound

Check them out here:

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