Sunday, November 24, 2013

REVIEW Winterus - Dark Womb

I don't really know why I should recommend you to listen to this album, to begin on a negative note. But on the other left hand, this isn't a bad album in anyway at all. It have a lot of potential to be a good album with a lot of autumn inspired melancholy splashes in the music, and they are potent musicians the whole bunch, thats not the question!?! The problem is that the correct feeling is missing, there are almost nothing here. Its like the skulle of you common politician. The record is a short history that leaves you just as fast as it took to press play. And you are wondering, was that all? what a bloody hell was I listening too? It was not bad in any sense, but was it really any good? It's fucking hard to tell, its just  falls behind the chairs. Anyways, give it a chance and see which side you fall on, if you fall on any namely.


Best track: Reign Supreme

Check them out here:

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