Friday, December 20, 2013

REVIEW AlNamrood - Jaish AlNamrood

This is something new for this temple (blog) of the devils voice, a band from Saudi Arabia!?! Bands from the middle east isn't something that the scene overflows with directly, especially good ones. I fucking like the music I hear, even though its kind of a guilty pleasure, Maybe its massive amounts of keyboards and the apparent drum machine that makes me feel a little bit ashamed about enjoying it. But fuck, this rerecording of the bands first songs is good as hell!!! The middle eastern influences in the music is done beautifully and still keeping it on some kind of primitive level, and that what's make this band standing out. And don't forget the monotonic shitty drum machine (I always had weakness for drum machines, don't fucking ask why), it works perfectly here, and brings to the whole experience too. Think old Falkenbach butt scrap the viking influences and replace them with middle eaten and you are there. 


Best track: Atba'a Al-Namrood

Check them out here:

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