Saturday, December 21, 2013

REVIEW Valkyrja - The Antagonist's Fire

Finally a new album (after almost four fuckin years of slumber and waiting) from one of the lords of swedish black metal together with Ofermod and Watain (if you ask me). The comparison with Watain isn't that far fetch to begin with, the music is vastly in the same vain of the above mentioned band together with the lyrical and imagery themes are close to each others. And to top it all are both bands complete full-length catalogue recorded at the excellent Necromorbus studio by Tore Stjerna which obvious sets a quality mark on the releases. So it isn't that hard to see why these bands often get paired together. But were they differ them self  from each other is in the evolution of the bands, were Watain always seems to be a step ahead and Valkyrja following after (nothing bad about it!!!). But enough said about Watain, this is a Valkyrja review for fuck sake!!! This is a horrifically awesome recording from the first opening riffs of "Betrayal Incarnate" to the last infernal tones of the closing track "Treading the Path of the Predator". I enjoy the whole terrible and interesting journey through the bottomless chasms to the endless darkness of abyss. This album grows on you for every time you hear it, getting higher and higher like the black flame. It has every element that you ask for from a great BM band and all the things you crave!!! Its an extremely rewarding journey to take for all your senses, you don't fucking want to miss this release!!! 


Best track: Madness Redeemer

Check them out here:

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