Wednesday, December 4, 2013

REVIEW Nutrition - Terminus Occultus

At the first glance this release may not stand out as something special, even though the great statue of Moloch on the cover, but the cover give a good clue what this album all are about. The picture is actually from one of the holy grails of conspiracy theorists, Bohemian Grove in California, so its damn easy to understand that this is not your ordinary BM album. Terminus Occultus is all about conspiracies of groups like New World Order, and I must say, I fucking like stuff like this!!! To begin with am I kind of a believer in these things and it even makes the lyrics an interesting listening experience. And I haven't even started talking about the music on this great release. This duo from the states delivers an interesting type of industrial black metal that manage to not get in the common techno trap like many others of this subgenre.  They still keep a lot of the bm essence, mix it with samples a bit of death and industrial without getting it to electronical or clinical. Feed your ears and brains with this shit!!!


Best track: III

Check them out here:

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