Monday, December 9, 2013

REVIEW Nekrokrist SS - Der Todesking

Here is something for you dwellers out there who have been longing for some good fucking primitive stuff. Here is a record without no fucking bullshit and frills, its just plain simplistic BM at its essence. The record starts of with a childrens choir singing the classic swedish/finish psalm "Hosianna, Davids son", what a better start can you ask for from this abyssal manifestation?!? This is BM in its pure foundation, with the buzzing razorsharp guitar riffs, the midtempo drums and punk influences, and of course is the influences of Darkthrone more than noticeable, but hey, what the fuck do you expect?!? This is good shit that speaks to you reptile brain without any fancy fucking shit!!!


Best track: Vala

Check them out here:

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