Thursday, December 19, 2013

REVIEW Devoted Iota Elusion - Reverence for Cruelty

I have some mixed feelings for this album, i really want to like this shit a lot. It has every potential to be an awesome album with good musical skills and a great atmosphere that you almost can take on. The album starts slowly with a quite long ambient intro that builds up to some classical BM riffs. But it quickly differs from any run of the mill black metal with the moodsetting keyboard in the background. It gets pretty diverse but still clings on the kind of riffs you are used too, and its easy to hear a lot of influences from bands like Burzum and Ulver here. The record brings me pictures of cobwebs covered in dewdrops with a thick fog that embraces the empty fields in the autumn dusk. And thats the best thing with this album, it generates vivid images in your brain filled with sombre solitude. But on the other hand aren't the clean vocals anything to cheer over, they are pretty lame and doesn't add that much to the album, but okey, the work. And the biggest thing, the record makes me quite sleepy if should be honest, some of the atmospheric passages are too long and almost makes me fall into dormancy, but that don't have to be a bad thing, not at all!!! Its a good fucking album to put on late at night to bring you to the right feeling and place to meet the darkness as your eyes closes. 


Best track: The Empyrean Heroine of Despondency and Tribulation

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