Saturday, December 7, 2013

REVIEW With the End in Mind - EP

This EP is kind of  a interesting release that you probably never heard. This is the kind of arty stuff that the cover sort of show of by it self. I'm usually head over heels for this kind of shit, but here I am little bit split. He really has a lot of interesting elements and idés here, but there are something that don't connect to me all the time, it kind of lacks IT. The terrible gloominess that that drowns your soul in a endless dark abyss, the mood is just not fully here. But don't get me fuckin wrong here, it absolutely ain't a bad release. The demented atmosphere finds its way to you, its getting closer and closer for every minute of listening to this EP. And by the endtrack its damn fucking good!?!


Best track: Of Myths and Turmoil

Check them out here:

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