Sunday, January 25, 2015

25. Dying Out Flame, Northern Oak, Singularity, Toxoid

Dying Out Flame - Shiva Rudrastakam

Northern Oak - Of Roots and Flesh

Singularity - Singularity

Toxoid - Aurora Satanae

Dying Out Flame - Shiva Rudrastakam Hindu Death Metal. Technical DM from Nepal with loads of hindu influences in both the music and lyrics. Which results in an album that is both interesting melodies and has an occult atmosphere around it. (Xtreem Music) 78%

Northern Oak - Of Roots and Flesh Medieval Folk Metal. We rarely write about folk metal albums, but here we have one that is an great example how great a album in the genre can be. The album uses a lot of medieval instruments (made artificially), like flute for example to bring forth the feeling of the dark ages in i great way, without letting it turn to any jolly arm-dancing bullshit.   82%

Singularity - Singularity Technical Black Metal. Melodic BM done the right way without making it too big or bombastic. It is an cozy album with its nightfall melodies together with an quite desolate mood through out the whole album.  75%

Toxoid - Aurora Satanae Black Metal. Gritty pure fucking BM with a distortion that will make your ears bleed. Awesome sinister riffs combined with an production that screams simplicity and old school. Too bad the vocals are so shitty, but the rest is solid silver.  (Transcending Obscurity72%

(Click on the album covers to hear samples of the music)

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