Wednesday, January 28, 2015

28. Sedna - Sedna

Drown Within Records
Black/Sludge Metal. The band plays an excellent mix of BM and sludge that is mind-blowing. They create divine acoustic passages that slowly builds up to an impressive scene filled with chaos and suggestive narrative melodic undertones. The album has darkness with its granite heavy riffs. And light with the burning melodies that lights up the way throuh the album like torches. And in this beautiful weird void we find the immersive chantings from another plane, that together brings it all to another dimension. 

Sedna will transport you to another world, far beyond the stars and this reality. To a terrible, but yet so beautiful place, where chaos roams free and wild. Follow Sedna on their mysterious journey through dark passages, epic ancient wonders and barren wastelands. 

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