Friday, January 30, 2015

30. Sivyj Yar - From the Dead Villages Darkness

Avantgarde Music
Pagan Black Metal. Do you want an album with a thick authentic atmosphere that you almost can smell and inhale? Then Sivyj Yars latest album is definitely something for you. The album has beautiful melodies from the olden days Russia that mediates both struggle and hope.

It has an extremely dark undertone to it that brings my mind to weathered old cabins, dilapidated and rotten from the inside. Pestilence and victory in the same opus. The album is all about the guitars building up this great atmosphere with simple means and still keeping it down to earth without making it pompous in any way. Together with an perfect agonizing voice from a far distance and quite clean production that lets every excellent element shine on this dirty masterpiece. 

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