Monday, January 26, 2015

26. Lebensnacht - Uudelleensyntynyt ikuiseen pimeyteen

Naturmacht Productions
Black Metal. Today we are offering the third album from the German one man band Lebensnacht, and with quite mixed emotions. He (Robert Brockmann) plays a kind of primitive BM with some ambient elements. It has an rough distortion and a minimalistic production to it. The album are played in classic mid-tempo with grinding guitars and some small simple keyboard arrangements to enhance the atmosphere.

The album starts of with the extremely Burzum odorous track Blutmeer that gets the highest point in my book, and my hope is set real high. But they don't deliver any more songs on the album that even get close to the feeling of that particular track, it is almost down hill with some highlights here and there. But just for that bloody song is this record wort a listening or two. Maybe you will appreciate the album more than me. 

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