Thursday, January 29, 2015

29. Temple Of Void, The Furor, Black Autumn, The Howling Void

Temple Of Void  - Of Terror and the Supernatural

The Furor - Impending Revelation

Black Autumn - Losing the Sun

The Howling Void - Runa

Temple Of Void - Of Terror and the Supernatural Death/Doom Metal. An album that feels like an old abandon clock tower, watching you, counting the time you have left on this earth. Dark, heavy and mysterious with interesting guitar passages and a atmospheric voice. (Rain Without End Records) 82%

The Furor - Impending Revelation Black/Death Metal. The first comparison that comes to mind is maybe Emperor in a light format. It has a lot of good riffs, technicality and ideas, and is most highly enjoyable to listen to but something is missing. A lack of substance? 70%

Black Autumn - Losing the Sun Ambient Black/Doom Metal. Here we have some weird piece of art. It takes some unexpected twist and turns and delivers an journey of a lost madman, for good and bad. It is an interesting journey however to take through its strange ambient soundscapes to the harsh deafening riffs. (Rain Without End Records) 75%

The Howling Void - Runa Symphonic Funeral Doom. A record to listen to when till full moon is rising. It has a dark moody atmosphere, haunting doomy riffs that pierce through you ears, and makes the hair on you back stand in pleasure, or maybe in pain? It is for you to decide. An album filled with great atmosphere. (Avantgarde Music74%

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