Friday, February 6, 2015

Alien Deviant Circus - Ananta Abhâva

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| Industrial Black Metal Hypnotizing BM with a occult robotic touch together with a horrible inhuman atmosphere in a twisted digital format

Industrial BM may be a bit trite, but it's still something I can not get enough of. I devour everything in my path, and this opus I swallow with relish. It's a very radical production that allows the mechanical speak. You could call it an inorganic creation that is strange, like it comes from another dimension inhabited by terrible beings. 

The guitars have an almost mechanical sound to them, like large industrial pistons that pumps a heavy satanic machine. The bass smolders in the background like an old generator. And the drum beats with an inhuman precision, and a ritualistic rate as a good drum machine should.

The composition is pretty straight forward, without any extravagant drug induced madness ala Black Lodge.  Its pretty simple without taking any risks, but it fits the music well, it becomes kind of robotic and hypnotizing after a while. It processes the brain in an occult way together with the luciferian theme of the album. 

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