Sunday, February 22, 2015

Mindscar - Kill the King

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| Death Metal Technical, grand and majestic are three words that comes to mind as I listen to this royal sulfur scented piece. 

The album begins with the full force of the occult jaw bang Asmodeus. It has both a huge weight, its technically impressive and has a song structure that feels thrilling down the lower intestines. This song represents the whole disc damn good, since almost every single song is of this high class, except for a few exceptions of course.

The whole album has a majestic aura around it. It has royal unholy blood that flows through every complicated riff and blasting drumbeat that builds this castle of fire, torture and other magnificent misery.

Then we comes to the atmosphere, or rather the lack of it. The production is of the more plastic kind, and clean as the sword of a virgin. But hey! That doesn't have to be a bad thing, not on technical music in general. Be course of this crisp production you can really hear and explore every complex and ingenious reconstruction of each song. Even dough it doesn't leave much left for the unconscious or your imagination. 

| GRADE | 89 |

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