Monday, February 23, 2015

Begrime Exemious - Begrime Exemious / Flash Out

| LABEL | Filth Regime Records | AVDIO | Bandcamp
| Black/Death Metal/Crust TRAILING fucking dirty BM with the right attitude and with a sickening darkness.

Begrime Exemious begins with its lead heavy interpretations that rides on the loose flapping base in all the songs. It's catchy as hell, a total discharge of emotions. It rumbles like doomsday is near, and the singer messes with his persuasive voice that the end is near. And I enjoy it along my entire bony spine of pleasure and ungodly terror.

The next half is dedicated to Flash Out which plays a mix of Death Metal, Crust, Grindcore to name a few. It's bluster, madness and total fucking war in every song. It's fast and deafening like a cannon on speed. It is as crazy as a sergeant possessed of a thousand spirits of dead soldiers. It's a damn nice experience, which unfortunately is over way too fast!

| GRADE | 84 |

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