Monday, February 2, 2015

Vargsang - In the Mist of Night

Black Metal Vargsang is like an old institution, they deliver above average BM as a reliable as a clock. You always know what you get, and you will never be disappointed. 

The album delivers classical BM with all the bells and whistles that we have come to enjoy. The gritty guitar distortion, little bass and the more treble. Slow- to mid-tempo drum. That ugly and terrible, but so fitting voice. And to top it all of with some simple eerie keyboards in the background for atmosphere (Totally unnecessary if you ask me). 

The song structure is nothing new here, it is almost the same formula since the second wave BM. There are a number of songs that delivers pure BM as it should sound, without complicating it to much. It is just music that you know from the deep within that you appreciate.

It is all presented in a primitive lo-fi production as it should be. And that's what makes up most of the atmosphere and feeling of the album, the rawness, the simplicity and the primitive. You don't always have to invent the wheel over and over. Just listen to this album instead!!!

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