Thursday, February 5, 2015

Israthoum / Chalice of Blood / Monte Penumbra / Half Visible Presence

| Ascetic Temples / Sacrament of Death / Downwards Deathmarch / One Is the Alignment of Shrines |
| LABEL | S.A.R.S. Productions | AVDIO | Bandcamp |

Black Metal | A split that contains four  fascinating songs that takes you to cold caverns, blood dripping alters and the flaming pits of hell.

The fist track is the eminent band Israthoum contribution Ascetic Temple, which is a powerful song straight through. It has a huge coldness and strong will to it, but at the same time as barren as a mountain. The entire song exudes pure darkness.

Then we come to the second track, and the high point of the album, Chalice of Blood's Sacrament of Death. It's like the song has a life of its own. Chaos reigns with amazing blazing riffs, sharp as thousand knifes, a majestic underground production, and a maddening possessed voice . A primordial force that can not be stopped by any means!!!

Then we come to Half Visible Presence's song Downwards Deathmarch which is also the faintest song on the disc, but it is not bad in any way. It is a slow song with raspy vocals and guitars that sound like a dull knife against a stone. Pain and suffering for a higher cause. 

Monte Penumbra ends the disc with divinely dark and epic song One Is the Alignment of Shrines. It is an grand bombastic piece with suggestive tones. It wanders farther and farther down into the uncharted abyss. A perfect end to the split that takes you from cold caverns, blood dripping alters and the flaming pits of hell.

| GRADE | 79

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