Thursday, February 19, 2015

Lunar Mantra - Genesis

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| Black Metal Awake the dragon inside you with the arcane piece Genesis. It takes you to untrodden paths, far beyond you psychical mind.

All the songs on the disc are constructed as classical music, they're downright symphonic, without using such nonsense as synths or other cheating devises. In order to accomplish this feat requires almost a genius, or someone that reincarnate carnal knowledge.  They manage to create such a massive space in their music, it's like one moves weightlessly through blind corridors on a astral plane. 

Everything is extremely well recorded to the smallest detail, every single chord sounds like the strings of a doomsday orchestra aimlessly riding in chaos. The atmosphere is always present, it's like you constantly have a creature breathing down your neck, and your body is filled with a devouring void, wanting only more, and more!!!

The album has a lot of ritualistic aspects with the chanting tones, voices  and structure. But it is also a journey through the unknown darkness. It really takes you to other places, far beyond, you see things foul and disgusting. It all comes together in a creation that is both deafening beautiful, terrifying and otherworldly. 

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