Sunday, February 1, 2015

Thaw - Earth Ground

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Black Metal/Noise/Ambient | Thaw paints a murky landscape with a bizarre experimentation lust, and leaves you with a intoxicating poisonous aftertaste. 

The opus is so heavy that it feels like your ears is left with lead poisoning after a first listening.  Its real heaviness to every guitar riff, bass stroke and drum beat. The instruments feels so loud and massive in scale, like an old Soviet nuclear reactor or a large chemical factory.  

The guitars have a dirty distortion, with absolutely sick riffs  that are both sinister and mechanical, logical and illogical. The bass is extremely heavy and hums in the background like an old chugging engine. The choice to have a drum machine is absolutely perfect for this kind of music. That way you get out the cold, inhuman and mechanic feeling of the album. In order to have an additional dimension of the old, dirty and abandoned are they using various noises to obtain that right misanthropic feeling.

No song are the same, you never know what the next tone will contribute for follies. There are plenty of experimentation and exploration of the genre on the disc. There are riffs that is both static, and those that wander of in total madness and obscurity. The music has a tendency to sometimes go over to sludge metal, and I do not oppose that!

The Production on the album is perfect, it lets every little detail and noise shine and soil on their own, without making it a bloody mess of only white noise. It is an album that feels extremely toxic, like an contaminant. Let it contaminate your brain!!!

| GRADE | 92 |

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