Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Agael - Trost

Its easy to reject Trost as just another Burzum clone (especially Filosofem) at a first listening and go on to the next band. But the german one-man project Agael is so much more than just that. Its an epic album done in a minimalistic way with great spacey atmosphere that will take you back to the time before human existence. 

Its both great in scale but at the same time very small and primitive with its grinding, almost hypnotic guitar riffs together with the use of keyboard in an atmospheric way. Its both the beginning and the end with an endless void between. 

The dark ambient elements in the music are done beautifully without making it into an avant-garde trip of madness, and lends it a perfect lo-fi mood together with the simplistic guitars. Combined with some clean melancholic vocals and sound effects and you have a solid album filled with solitude and loneliness. 


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