Friday, March 21, 2014

Sol Negro - Dawn of a New Sun

Headsplit Records
Here we have a re-release that originally came out a couple of years ago, but here we are now with a blood red cover instead of the black and gray one on this doom influenced dirty jewel. I can't help thinking of Celtic Frost when I'm listening to it, I hear its presence in the songs structure and the production as well. It leaves me with an authentic old school feeling deep in the eardrums, that could as well have come from Switzerland in the late eighties instead of present US.

Its an painfully pleasant experience to find a release with that sound nowadays. Its simple and midwinter dark with an real heaviness to it, with that great end of the world sound to it that I can't get enough off. Its slow and rumbling like an old volcano waiting to have its fatal eruption. Don't miss this smoldering old school feist!!!

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