Monday, March 3, 2014

Suffering - Chaosatanas

Watch out for this powerful occult outburst!!! The polish band Suffering offer up an energetic release that both are fast, gruesome and ritualistic. The weave together a vivid atmosphere with dragging ear piercing guitars (with a perfect feels-in-the-spine distortion) and the fast blast beating drums (that also plays in midtempo in a couple of songs). Together with the high pitched grievous vocals being chanted possessed like by Armagedon and you have an dreadful symbios from another plain. The production has a very dynamic sound to it that feels very close and natural, (without an fancy effects and other bullshit) and you feel a constant presence through the speakers. Chaosatanas is timeless, it could as well have been done twenty years ago as today. It has this classical sound to it that always are pleasing, with songs and structure that stands the test of time. Check it out if you want a solid experience and not just another "McBM" on the conveyor belt.


Listen to a sample here

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