Thursday, March 27, 2014

Stilla - Ensamhetens andar

Nordvis Produktion
Ohhh here we have the latest release from the swedish band Stilla. Theres no question about the band consisting of competent people with musicians from bands like Begraven. Armagedda and Kaos Sacramentum, which you clearly hear in the music.

The disc are packed to the limit with great atmosphere that gives me the creeps down my bloody spine in total delight!!! It paints a beautiful composition of the swedish nature both in the words and the divinely preformed music. Its like they have taken the best parts of swedish BM, beaten it brutally with a progressive stick and here we have this magnificent creation!!!

I fucking love every second of this opus. From the forest smelling acoustic guitar parts, the atmospheric "Burzumesc" synthesizers, to the Armagedda sniffing sound of it all. And if that weren't enough are the record extremely varied. No song sounds the same as the previous one. Every track are a new woodland to explore and cherish in pain, famine and pestilence. To top it all of are all the lyrics in Swedish, and I'm a fucking whore for songs in that language!!! To sum it all up, old ideas in a great new format!!!

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