Thursday, March 13, 2014

Preludium - Redemption

Transcending Obscurity
Transcending Obscurity
The fourth full-length release from the polish band Preludium starts of with full fucking force, with new energy and strength beyond any boundaries. The music is heavy anchored in death metal with BM as the blood running through the veins of this massive beast. Its actually one of the most successful combinations of BM and DM I ever have heard to be honest. Its dark and gritty but at the sametime crisp and heavy as a fucking celestial body. 

They use the somewhat classical formula with one under the earths crust dark voice together with the more agonizing high pitch vocals, which gives a great variation to the album. That together with the excellent writing (Lyrics inspired by the yogi Sri Paramahansa Yogananda), performance and technicality of the album and you have a great fucking disc of destruction and illumination!!!

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