Saturday, March 8, 2014

Northern Plague - Manifesto

The first full-length album from the polish quartet is a pure fucking manifestation of hatred!!! It heavy as an bunker blasting bomb, brutal as a fist in your rectum and technical as brain surgery. The somewhat overused mixture of BM and DM delivers an somewhat successful outcome, with a heavier emphasis laying on the death metal elements. You can clearly hear the influences from polish technical death metal in the music and its fairly crispy production. But fear not, the album are of course not exempt from BM bits. There are some great fucking stenched mood setting pieces in this farrago of primal odium. You find this melodies underneath it all, hidden in layers of its blastbeating and technicality. And what you find are some awesome fucking melodies that shows of in which state the genre are in today. Its all sealed together in this rage inducing fistfuck in your ear passage. Check this fucker out!!!


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