Monday, March 10, 2014

Coma Void - Coma Void

I'll try to keep it short on this one, even if this particular release are extremely hard to put on simple earth words. The american one-man project serves up a thick porridge of ridiculous slow and dark doomy guitars together with electronic from-another-galaxy sounds and atmosphere. I have some mixed feelings about it to be honest. It has some great interesting parts and isolated atmosphere with all right vocals. But on the other hand do I find myself thinking its boring as a shit on a sunday. There are definitely some great potential here, with clever id├ęs and all the space building atmosphere. But its in the execution and song writing it fails. I do however look forward for the next release and hope that they will sort all this out by then. Still worth a listen if you're into space themed BM with a heavier and more modern touch. 


Listen and buy it here

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