Thursday, March 20, 2014

Vietah - Tajemstvy noczy

Possession Productions
I go straight to the fucking point, this is some high fucking quality music we are dealing with here. It ain't often I get so mesmerized and sucked in to a release as this one. It has something real special (not in the retarded kind of way). Its not the atmosphere this time, its more about the pure execution och brilliancy of the music writing.

The music on this album are the brightest star here as you probably already have guest. Its like its from another dimension, it captivates my all scenes and always finds its way to stay interesting, despite consisting of four lengthy tracks with an average length of about ten minutes each. Its all performed in an excellent rhythmic way that always progresses forward and never looks back. Its majestic without any pompous amounts of synthesizers and electronic defects.

And the vocals in russian aren't fucking bad in any way either, its the raspy almost regurgitating kind that fits the whole experience perfect as well. The one-man project Vietah from Belarus do almost everything right. Its easy to take in, takes some time to digest the whole experience and it stays as a solid divine journey. Can't recommend this release enough for you!!!

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