Friday, March 14, 2014

Woods of Desolation - As The Stars

Northern Silence Productions
Northern Silence
This is an album that really has grown a lot on me. My first impression where that this was just another one of all those mediocre one-man projects out there, but its anything but mediocre, its quite unique and delicate in its way.

Its an album thats heavy on the atmosphere, I feel both isolation and serenity within when I'm listening to it. Its like an ice cold windswept feeling on the outside, but with a cozy warmth within. Its impressive how a band from Australia can create this feeling of a frost coated pine forest in a blizzard storm, that just feel so fucking northern!!!

The production together with the solid performance on the album are the brightest stars. It like a thick impenetrable forest of grinding guitars together with an tortuous voice from the lightless depths of the woods. Add that together with a keyboard that are used in a excellent way. Its almost always in the music, without becoming predominant, its just there to enhance the atmosphere yet another notch. I highly recommend this album for those that are looking for something slow, melancholic and atmospheric!!!

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