Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sado Sathanas - Nomos Hamartia

Naturmacht Productions
Be prepared to be sodomized in your ear canals by the german sadistic sextet Sado Sathanas. The band serves up a quite mixed experience on their second full-length album that can be pretty hard to get a grip on. Its filled with instrumental passages that oozes a carnal and infernal atmosphere. You can almost hear the hellfire rising and the tormented screams!!! Despite being a band that consists of a fucking horde of members, so is everything in a nerveracking symbios and the keyboard brings a nice layer of mood to the music without taking over.

My impressions are as mixed as the opus it self. Some parts are fucking brilljant when everything falls together in a sinister symbios, like the song P.A.N. Demonia. But then are the parts that just drag on and on without giving me a shit, not even a little raised hair on the back. The good thing though, are that the nice atmospheric parts easily overcomes the shitty meaningless ones. All in all, its an interesting release that definitely have its moments.

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