Monday, March 24, 2014

In My Shiver - Delicate Poison

Hypnotic Dirge Records
I try to keep this on short. The album consist of a mixture of depressive rock and "BM"?!? Not the most original combination, but it fucking works and brings my mind to bands like Lifelover, but not even near as demented as them of course. There are shitloads of clean singing and electronic effects on the album as well. Not really my taste, but it works if you're into that gluttonous stuff.

The production has an plastic and synthetic feeling to it, that surely makes me depressed at least. The whole album sounds very digital and modern (if modern is a good word is up to you). The album are at least well played and there are some interesting kind of technical parts to explore. Recommended for those that are into the more modern sounds and digital shit like autotune!!!

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