Thursday, February 6, 2014

3 FAST REVIEWS Angrenost, Grave Miasma, Set

Angrenost - Planet Muscaria

Start up those gears and let the hydraulic fluid pump with this industrial BM band from Portugal. But don't be fooled by the subgenre of music they play, the lyrics aren't about any animatronic cybertech shit, it is instead mostly in the space theme, about cosmos, galaxies and the astral stuff you know, so you may not drop your chin in amazement!!! They are definitely not the best in the subgenre, but absolutely not the worst in anyway either, they are pretty good to be honest! Its always nice to put on this type of record if you are in the right mood for some electronic spacy sounds, samples and drum machines!

Grave Miasma - Odori Sepulcrorum

Here we have an abyssal dark obus to deal with. They have worked out the ancient formula how to mix black and death metal with a great result. Its heavy, gloomy and mysterious at the same time with the dreadful and beautiful intricate guitar arrangements. Its all performed with a very subdued production and a darker voice, which all brings to the heaviness! They succeed with the difficult task to combine the old school sound with newer stuff which results in an excellent soundscape, that both feels old and new. 

Set - Upheaval of Unholy Darkness

Now we are  talking fucking dark, everything is so dark on this black/death metal hybrid that not a ray of sunlight ever had the chance to shine on the bottomless chasm that is this opus. Its slow, dirty and sinister. Its kind of doomy in its way with the heavy slow tuned down guitars and the guttural (and sometimes screaming vocals) from the far beyond. There is a heavy presence of atmosphere on this album that cloaks it all in an sunproof eternal fog. It cozy as hell underneath it, and you want to stay there for the whole experience. 

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