Monday, February 24, 2014

Kaoskult - Secret Serpent

I go straight to the point and spare the reasoning for later, because I can't hold this abnormal power of an album within!!! I'm fucking blown away by the latest release from the chaos magic inspired constellation Kaoskult. It packs an pure dark energy throughout the record, an constant presence and a ferocious stirring sound that possess the body and mind of the listener. The brightest star on the opus are the brilliant guitar riffs, shredding, building and plowing like the precision of an criminally insane brain surgeon. They weave together an great citadel of chaos and destruction, that rides on the excellent melodies and harshness from the guitars. It all goes hand in hand with the other instruments (which also are played to almost perfection!!!), and they still manage to stand with one foot in the old school grave. At the same time are they not afraid to experiment (with an very spares use of electronic effects) and defy the standards of the genre and finding new ways to reach their goal, without losing the grip of what is essential. Its all contained in an very dry and raw production that leaves space for all the instruments, which brings a natural heaviness to the album. Its an interesting journey through chaos magic that consumes you and where every turn holds an surprise. Its an enthralling and fertile listening experience that should not be missed!!!


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