Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Diablery - Architect

This may sound just like your run of the mill symphonic black metal band at a first listening, but underneath all the strings and crystal clear production there are so much more to explore!!! It consists of an extremely competent group of talented musicians, both with great writing talents and musicianship. They deliver an cosmic avant-garde smelling melodic BM creation that shows of a real professional sound and song structure, with melodies that really sticks there in the cerebral cortex of your brain!!! They try some new (as is the definition of avant-garde) things here and there, like the use of the gigantic sexy instrument cello, with great results. Its humongous amounts of everything thats good, its pure fucking gluttony in its best form, pompous as hell with everything drowning in massive amounts of synthesizers, but I can't help it. It's kind of a guilty pleasure listening to this album, but I fucking like it, the songs here really lodges on to you like a parasite. It well played, well structured and sickly easy to take in. Recommended for people and creatures that are fans of bands like late Emperor, Borknagar And Solefald!!! This opus actually don't have any release date yet, as the band don't have any record deal, but definitely deserves one. So are you running an record label, don't hesitate the contact the band!!!


Listen to them here

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