Thursday, February 13, 2014

Warfist - The Devil Lives in Grünberg

This is the first full-length release from the polish black thrashers Warfist, that will be released tomorrow friday 14th. This grey and black demonic creation contains an awesome hybrid of black metal and old school thrash all covered in an illuminating layer of catchy rock n roll and attitude!!! It sounds hell of a lot like Venom (if they had continued to be good that is) combined with the thrash of the early eighties that Venom ounces inspired. The album succeeds to deliver something that both sounds old school and genuine to its dirty nagged bones with a an extremely primitive production that could as well originate from the time Sodom and Kreator was new on the scene. It simple and straightforward songwriting at its best, no 7 minutes guitar mastubations or pretentious bullshit, just pure fucking black thrash metal that is best consummated on earblasting high volume and endless amounts of beer, and I wouldn't want it any other way!!!


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