Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Useless Life - Negative Memories

After a short break in the shadows are we back again, this time with the second release from the depressive american band My Useless Life. My first two questions are, do the scene really need another bloody depressive BM band? And what the fuck is up with the name? It sounds like some depressed emocore bullshit. And at the same time I know the answers, yeah if its any fucking good and brings some of those beautiful painful emotions.And the name?!? Fuck the name!!!

The songs are played in an extremely slow pace (there are of course some parts of the more faster kind too, but the overall feeling is slow and painful, like standing in the line of your local pharmacy), with the guitars and the piano?!? (yeah there are some piano parts, fucking beautiful stuff and great for the mood) slowly building up a nice melancholic atmosphere, that reminds you of the meaninglessness of life itself. I get the feeling of an ghetto concrete complex that are decayed from ages ago, everything is withering down to white dust that flows in the wind. It may not bring that much new to the table except the vocals, which are dark as an oil well, and you can here the obvious influences from bands like Shining (to name the best known in the subgenre, good job). There are some intricate parts here and there however (thanks to the guitars) and the piano adds a really nice touch of pitch black isolation in our modern society.


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