Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Aenaon - Extance

Oh what a schizophrenic creation, I fucking love it, and it almost gives me an mental overload!!! This little disc of madness is packed to the max with different genres and influences, it all goes together like the sugar cube melting on top of a shot absinth. They are both Avant-Garde, black'n'rolling and jazzy combined in the chaos ridden head of a madman. And best of all, they have some saxophone on the recording, I must confess, I'm a fucking sucker for saxophone (no I'm not ironic)!!! And top that with a organ, piano and harmonica played in a psychiatric ward, its fucking beautiful madness. Its both genius and absurd, I can't name all the influences you could find in this bottomless fusion soup with the tentacles pointing in all directions. The recording have so many elements so your never know what's coming up next, they give the term progressive a new meaning with this opus. But its not all praises, there are a little bit too much clean vocals for my taste, its not much, but it would have been better to just skip that and had some manic chanting instead, but thats just a minor complaint, overall its a solid experience. Its an album thats hard to explain in simple words, its as complex as the neurone system and you really have to listen to it yourself to completely understand it.


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