Saturday, February 1, 2014

REVIEW Ævangelist - Omen Ex Simulacra

Here is an psychotic utter from the depths of the smudgy abyss!!! As always when you are dealing with a opus from this eminent duo, it takes a lot of time to really get in to it, under the foul smelling slimy surface to the fantastic and demented atmosphere underneath it all. They serve up an vile and unique farrago of black and death metal that's darker and more sinister than any mass murdering psychopath you ever could think of! They have taken the best parts of both genres with the low tuned guitars and dark vocals (underneath the crust dark) from DM and the atmosphere and music writing from BM, and blended it together as a dark abysmal soup pulsating with pus and cogitation!!! The record is crammed with atmosphere with a heavy focus laying on building it up with slow guitars and a keyboard that are used in an excellent twisted and absurd manner! And everything feels so fucking heavy and filthy (feels sticky like the intestines of a carcass melting in the sun), its a grand colossus in both scale and size, and a big experience that is definitely worth the time it takes to imbibe every little malodorous detail of this abnormal creation!!!


Best track: Prayer for Ascetic Misery

Check them out here:

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