Monday, February 3, 2014

REVIEW Emyn Muil - Túrin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga

Lets get seated on the back of a dragon and begin the magical journey to the fantasy lands that J.R.R Tolkien once wrote about with this debut album from the one man strong band Emyn Muil (appertanly some rocky and impenetrable place in middle earth were the Frodo guy meet Gollum). Yeah the concept with lyrics and music inspired by Tolkien's writings may not be so original. And its almost inevitable to not draw parallels between this band and the more famous band Summoning (which besides also released a new album last year, "Old Mornings Dawn", what a fucking fantasy feist last year were!!!). There are too much similarities between the two bands that it can't go unnoticed. 

First things first, the dominant keyboard that represents the very foundation of this castle with a wide variation of different fantasy (or medieval) instruments are played on that little electronic device.You can always count on the keyboard to be present, and to play a main role of telling the story and to immerse you into the fantasy lands. The second similarity are the lack of guitars, they are used very sparingly, and when they well are used they don't play anything special (no special riffs, solos or anything), it almost feels like they are only present so they could call it an BM album, and not just an ambient album, but then aren't this kind of music my cup of dragons blood ethier! But hey, the guitars tie together the songs nicely at least, and aren't in any way unnecessary! The third thing is the vocals, they are of the more whispering kind and works well for the purpose! And the last thing, the big fat dragon in the room, Tolkien of course!!! I don't have anything particular to say about that, I don't like his works and I don't give a shit for fantasy, but hey, thats me! Overall it as this kind if nineties feeling over it, when keyboards were pretty new to the genre. And yeah and I almost forgot, the drum machine, I fucking love drum machines!!! to summarize, are you into these kinds of things and like you're BM served with dragons, dwarves and wizards, then you probly going to find this opus interesting. 


Best track: Death of Glaurung

Check them out here:

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