Tuesday, February 4, 2014

REVIEW Dødsfall - Kronet i svart eld

The black flaming procreation begins with a classic sample from the formidable movie The Seventh Seal to processed to the devouring flames of traditional BM (as it always has been, and always will be) that this EP delivers! This norwegian/swedish collaboration really succeeds to generate that old, raw and cold feeling from the ancient (probably not so fucking old!!!) days of black metal in a proper way. They build up a creation that feels fairly genuine with solos, the kind of guitars that weaves you into the endless darkness with its string plock and all the midtempo you ever could have asked for!?! And of course are the production very primitive with the drums farthest away and the (extremely raw and grim) vocals closest  in the production (with the "necro sound" as it should be). It may not deliver anything particularly new, but its a nostalgic journey to the past, before there were millions of subgenres under BM and everything derailed. Come forth and be crowned in the black fire!!!


Best track: I skuggans famn

Check them out here:

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