Monday, February 17, 2014

Contemplations - Existence

Lengthy songs, space, isolation and hypnotic is a few words that easily could be used to describe this cosmic creation! This post-black metal opus from France may only contain four tracks (and the last one only being ambient) but still do the album clock in at almost fifty minutes. So you understand that its a collection of pretty epic tracks that we are dealing with here, but in some weird fucking way it sounds very simplistic and primitive at the same time. Everything is used very sparse, the guitars are slowly grinding the same riffs in an hypnotic way, with the keyboard slowly in the background building up an dreamy atmosphere, (the vocals doesn't take that much space either, I didn't actually hear them through the first listing to be honest). Its a journey through the astral planes, through the endless nothingness of space, the eternal isolation, solitude and serenity into a bottomless cold cold void.


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