Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dunkelnacht - Revelatio

Now its time to talk about the french band with the german title Dunkelnacht latest procreation "Revelatio". The group plays "black metal" (with big fucking quotation marks!!!) with shitloads of influences from technical death metal and some electronic effects, maybe not everybodys ear medicine, but to me it packs some interesting stuff. The album begins with an intro with some electronic sounds that doesn't really say anything about the album as a whole, but then the technical revelation begins with a triggered drum bang!!! Its ticking on like a swiss watch throughout the whole album with advanced guitar riffs, a progressive bass and (drum roll) the fast triggered drums!!! And like icing on the cake are there a synthesizer here and there, that to me sound a little bit blip blop video gameish, but hey, thats just me. And before I have repressed it, the clean fucking vocals, they sound horrendous (and not in a good fucking way!!!),  yeah I can take the screaming vocals, they are nothing out of the ordinary, maybe a little bit too high pitched for my taste, but they work, but the clean ones, uhhhh my sphincter do better sounds!!! The heavy influences from death metal is almost always present on this record and brings some enjoyment, together with the progressive tones and the guitar duels. It may not be packed with atmosphere, but it has some other qualities. Worth a listening or two to explore the technical aspects at least. 


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