Friday, February 28, 2014

Black Altar - Black Altar

Here we have the venerable polish one man project Black Alter with their latest release. Some of the songs on the EP were actually meant to be on a Shining split that never happened, and its a good fucking thing that it diden't!!! The five songs stands really good on their own feets, with an competent and somewhat death metal inspired sound to them in this suicidal concoction. The album begins with an kind of creepy and atmospheric piano and then all hell breaks loose with fire and brimstone!!! With fast grinding drums, dark downtuned guitars and great agonizing potent vocals of the more darker kind. You may think that there are a lack of mood because of the DM influences, but then you are fucking dead wrong. They mange to evoke an great atmosphere in every song both with the great guitar riffs and with an helping hand from a keyboard (Sparingly used!!!). Its an great collection of five ghastly awesome tracks, well worth a check up!!! 
666 Megabeast!!!


Listen here and buy it here

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