Thursday, February 20, 2014

Neglektum - Blasphemer

This is the first full-length release from the up rising swedish force called Neglektum. They pass the burning torch onwards with the tradition of great BM bands coming from this northern land. This is an real pyre of quality music, especially for an first manifestation. The show of an great maturity with an pretty varied procreation with a lot of different tempos (no boring mechanical mangle, no drum triggering, just old, natural and dynamic) and beautiful guitar melodies laid out like smog on a barren wasteland. And the excellent agonizing throat rending vocals doesn't make things worse either, its an case in point how you do fantastic fucking vocals in the genre, and gives it some credibility. They stand on a solid and well-tried ground with this opus, but still manage to raise an curiosite within of what's coming up next while staying on the traditional path. Its like they have extracted the best parts of the genre from the last three decades and letting it decompose to an massive lump of greatness!!! An work thats definitely worth an listening in this endless woods of mediocre releases!!!


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